The MYF Accounting Workbook

Do the books of your business (or lack thereof) make you cringe or want to run the other way? Get rid of that anxious feeling! Free your mind and begin mastering your finances today.

This Workbook Includes:

01. Accounting 101 and basic bookkeeping lingo
02. Invoice process and necessities
03. Invoice template
04. Budget process and steps to create a spending plan
05. Budget template
06. Bookkeeping systems explained
07. Recommended cloud-based accounting software
08. Customized bookkeeping spreadsheet with formulas already in place, ready for immediate use
09. A list of specific things to note and keep track of for when tax period rolls around

10. PLUS an 30-minute in-depth video tutorial training you how to use the bookkeeping spreadsheet included each month

Perfect for individuals who have just begun their new business and would prefer to use an Excel spreadsheet as opposed to an online accounting software. If you’re not ready for the Master Your Finances Accounting & Bookkeeping course, then this is a great place to start!

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