Giving Back

Know that when you work with us, a portion of your money goes toward a greater cause.

At Master Your Finances, we are passionate about our community and giving back in each and every way that we can.

The main organization we currently give to is Rural Reach, a South African non-profit aimed at providing the basic necessities to those living in the rural areas within and around Southern African. We offer accounting services to this organization at no charge; whilst also giving a percentage of our profits to further aid their mission and volunteering any chance we can.

Rural Reach is currently working in a small, rural town called Lepelsfontein, South Africa. This town has a population of approximately 1,000 people and no street lights, no running water, and no paved roads. Townsfolk have to travel over 100km to reach the nearest hospital or shopping centre and over 60km to reach the nearest high school.

The problem is that many people in these rural communities are unable to escape the grip of poverty as they do not have access to the opportunities available to them. And when they do have an opportunity, they do not have the means to act upon it. For example, most people in the town don’t have a computer or smartphone to even get information on how to apply for university. Students can’t go to school because their family cannot afford the school fees. Even if someone does get an interview for a job, there is not enough money to cover the substantial taxi fee in order to get to the interview. These are but a few examples of the problems that these rural communities face.

Rural Reach Volunteer

Rural Reach only operates due to the kindness and generous support of others.

If your family or business is looking for a way to give back, why not consider joining in the mission of Rural Reach. Your donation, big or small, will help them continue their work. As Rural Reach is a registered public benefit organization with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), they are able to provide tax-deductible receipts for every donation received. It’s a great way to donate to a good cause, while also reducing your tax bill!

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Morgan and a Village Member

They offer practical support to the communities by meeting them where they are. This does not only mean they drive all the way to their town (which they do), Rural Reach also tailors all their projects to meet the community’s specific needs in order to guarantee the greatest impact. Rural Reach ensures that all their projects are sustainable and that the funds are used appropriately – they believe it’s better to ‘teach a man to fish so that he may be fed for a lifetime rather than giving him a fish which would only feed him for a day’. 

Their projects range from something as simple as providing a student with internet access in order to apply for university, to fixing the local schools’ plumbing system and providing them with clean water. They see their projects from start to finish. Everything from raising the funds for a new fridge, buying the fridge at a local store, driving it to the school on the back of a trailer, installing it at the school, and overseeing the maintenance of the fridge going forward.  Essentially they do whatever it takes to assist the people in the rural communities. Read more about Rural Reach’s projects here.

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