How to Start Freelancing: 6 Simple Steps


Maybe you’re familiar with Master your Finances but you keep seeing MDK Services everywhere and you’re totally confused. What is MDK Services and how are they linked?

MDK Services was started by our owner and founder, Morgan de Klerk (hence the MDK). She started it in November 2017 offering tailored bookkeeping and financial management services to clients around the world. This included:

• Monthly bookkeeping services to clients. Recording all of their transactions, creating financial statements and preparing them for when tax season rolls around, etc.. As well as budget preparation and management throughout the year.

• She also offered tailored one-on-one training sessions to teach people how to do their OWN bookkeeping. She couldn’t keep up with the demand of one-on-one calls and this eventually snowballed into what you now know as Master your Finances. There are products for wherever you are in your business. If you’d still like one-on-one training, feel free to reach out to Morgan here and she can set something up for you.


Morgan: When Migail and I returned from Vietnam, I needed to get a job and I needed to get one fast. I worked as an accountant at a non-profit in South Africa for the year of 2017 and while it was an amazing experience and I learned A TON (I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing today without that year experience… God knew and His ways are always perfect), I knew it wasn’t what I was created to do and knew there had to be more to life than sitting behind a desk from 8-5pm, going home and starting it all over the next day. It was seriously making me go CRAZY! Learned a lot about contentment but that’s a post for another day… if you’re interested in reading more, let me know.

Amongst other things, Migail did some building work that year on a farm along the Breede River (about 3 hours away from us). He would go for days at a time which left me with extra time on my hands, and if you know me at all, you’ll know that I will fill that extra time with something!

I started doing my church’s bookkeeping on the side for some extra money. It was great! I loved it! It was difficult to complete along with a full-time job but it got me dreaming about what it would be like to do work like that full-time…

Then the dreams led to action. I started posting some things on my Facebook page letting people know that I wanted to do more part-time bookkeeping on the side if anyone was interested. I was really struggling to enjoy my work and was ready to look for something new. My mom told me to contact one of our old (dear) friends, Kathryn Moorhouse, to see if she could help.

You know how moms are… always wanting to help but sometimes giving suggestions that aren’t actually helpful (love you, Mom!). When she told me to contact Kathryn, I truly didn’t think it would go anywhere but I was desperate and thought “what the heck.”
Kathryn is a Pinterest Strategist for entrepreneurs and has developed an amazingly successful business. She replied to my message with a 20-minute voice note just encouraging me to go for it, telling me how she got started, how amazing it is, and how it’s possible for anyone to do. I literally started tearing up when I read her message, just amazed at how God was bringing us together.

To this day, Kathryn is still my biggest encourager and mentor and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Thank you, Kathryn.

I went onto her sites and she seemed like she had it all together… it was super overwhelming but she encouraged me that we all start somewhere and you can’t compare where you are now to where someone else already is. Everyone starts as a beginner and they were once in your shoes. So I started, step-by-step:

Step 1: Mig created me a logo. It was kind of a placeholder but it just stuck and to this day, I get regular requests asking who designed my logo for me. (Mig’s the man!).

Step 2: Had my friend, Peach Cronje, help me get some “branding shots.” Shout out to Peachy for my classic headshot that I use everywhere.

Step 3: Created a rate and put my services clearly into words. 1. What services I provide. 2. The rate per service. 3. Linked to my contact info.

Step 4: Created a Facebook Business Page. This was a GAME CHANGER! For months, all of my clients and inquiries came from this page alone (and quite frankly, they still do). You can list all of your services on there, your rates, contact info, everything. It’s free marketing! If you want to start your own business… get on Facebook! Social media is an incredible tool to connect with individuals all around the world.

There is someone out there who needs your services… they just need to find you.

Step 5: I joined a bunch of Facebook groups for virtual workers where you can connect with others around the world doing the same. It’s a great way to get referrals and find new clients.

Step 6: Quit my job and started doing MDK Services full-time! Since then there have been a lot of developments, such as my website, etc. but none of those things were there in the beginning, nor were necessary to get started.

3. Biggest tips

• Ask someone to help you. I went through A LOT of trial and error because I learned everything on my own. I highly recommend courses that teach you how to work online from anywhere such as The 90 Day VA or participating in the free Virtual Summit by the Virtual Assistant Internship to teach you exactly how to work online from anywhere.

• You have to make yourself vulnerable and put yourself out there (I remember being so shy to list my prices online thinking “what will my friends think?”) No one really cares… just do it!

• Magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Every time I feel nervous or scared about doing something, I get excited because I know it’s going to grow and shape me into something greater.

• Don’t let perfectionism keep you from trying and pursuing your dream! Just start. You can always adjust things as you go.

4. The best thing about freelance?

My favorite thing about freelancing is the ability to create my own schedule and the flexibility that it brings. If I want to do yoga at 10 am in the morning, why not? If I want to take the day off, why not? I can catch up on the work later. I feel like it fully rewards productivity. You reap the benefits of your hard work and energy.

5. Most difficult thing?

The rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. Anyone who has started their own business will know exactly what I mean when I say this. Working for yourself is SUPER unpredictable. You can gain a client at the snap of a finger but you can also lose them just as quickly. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out… watch out!! Something is most likely going to turn the direction soon haha.

God taught me early on (with a little whack over the head) to remain humble, always ask for help when it’s needed, rely on Him for every circumstance, good or bad, and that He will provide my each and every need and will never forsake me. For me, MDK Services is more than making an income and helping others, it’s about becoming more like Christ and bringing Him glory. If that means He takes me through some dirt and times get tough, let’s go. I’m all His and will go where He leads me.

Another challenging aspect and something that I actually miss about working for an organization is how difficult everything seems at times. When you’re at a company and don’t know how to do something, chances are you can shout across the room to your colleague or go to your boss for help and they’ll be able to steer you in the right direction or show you how it’s done. When it comes to freelance, it’s not so simple. When you don’t know how to do something, it can take hours of googling, watching YouTube videos, calling friends to figure out what may be a very simple task. It can get very tiring and discouraging at times. But hey… when you figure it out, it’s awesome! (hence the rollercoaster ride)

Work-life balance and all that as well but let’s not get into everything here haha…

If you’re thinking of starting your own business and doing your own thing, I say GO FOR IT! In my opinion, the pros definitely outway the cons and working for yourself is the greatest thing ever.

I highly recommend checking out this course by the Virtual Assistant Internship: It teaches you how to work online in 90 days.

This FREE Virtual Summit (featuring 20 different online experts including yours truly) is also a great resource to help get you started:

Feel free to comment any questions you have below or email me at for more.


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