The Surefire Way to Scale Your Business to 6 Figures

the surefire way to scale your business to 6 figures

Everywhere you look in the online biz world these days, a 6 figure-income mania seems to be spreading like a wildfire. Your social media is chock full of successful entrepreneurs, showing those pearly whites while boasting increased sales and profit.

And that’s when you start doubting yourself and thinking that you’re doing something wrong.    

How can they scale to 6 figures so effortlessly while you’ve been stuck at your meager rate for as long as you can remember?  

Scaling your business to 6 figures sure isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to feel like a pipe dream, either

My friend Cara Barone, a business mentor and huge fan of a holistic approach to coaching, had a virtual cup of coffee with me and broke down the huge subject of business scaling into easily digestible pieces, exclusively for my Master Your Finances students.

Here’s her advice to business owners who want to scale their businesses to 6 figures without beating themselves up.  

Selling doesn’t have to be sleazy and uncomfortable 

I’m sure you agree that every single one of us small business owners breaks down in hives when we hear the word SALES.

Sales are often associated with a used car salesman who reeks of cigarette smoke and tries to trick you into buying a clunker that’ll die after a few miles: sleazy, pushy, aggressive, YUCK!  

But if you turn the spotlight on the actual benefits your clients will get from your products or services, all of a sudden sales do not look so bad, do they? 

Cara insists that great salespeople listen to their audience’s needs rather than yap incessantly about their wares. When you really care about your target market and you’re passionate about how your offering can help THEM, it speaks volumes to your potential clients.

Whenever you have the opportunity to tell someone what you can do to help them, you come off as passionate and people can tell right away that you’re genuine and not a fraud.

Even if they don’t need what you have to offer at the moment, they’ll definitely recommend you to someone who does.

The key to scaling success: clarity and competence 

You only need TWO things to sell to an audience ethically and genuinely:

  • Clarity in your message, and
  • Competence in what you offer

Clearly articulating the positive effect of your offerings and services on your target market creates this powerful energy exchange between you and your potential clients. 

Communicating with clarity will build the know, like, and trust factor you need to establish with your audience to close that sale.

Be as specific as possible when you describe what’s in it for your audience and you’ll start attracting your ideal clients in no time.

Positioning yourself in the market the right way will make or break your scaling efforts.

Investing in your skillset is pretty important, too. You can’t expect to be a newbie and charge high-end rates because no one will buy from you.

Start at a lower rate, even offer something for free at first. Do your research, do beta testing, and then gradually move to higher prices.  This will build your inner confidence in your product or services and will get you the social proof you need to convince people that you’re the real deal. 

That way your mindset will shift and you’ll feel more aligned with your dream (and ready to pay your worth) client. 

Remember, building and scaling a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

When you’re unsure of your abilities and skills, you tend to feel like you don’t deserve to charge higher rates, and impostor syndrome kicks in.   

Learn to tell the right way to sell from the wrong way

Cara assured me that when your offers and services are just a copy of what you see already working in the market, it’s a recipe for disaster

Once you attempt to sell such products and services, you’ll hear crickets

Why? Because deep inside you don’t feel aligned with what you sell, so why would your target audience?

On the contrary, when you find your unique methodology and marketing identity, when you show up as your true self and don’t imitate someone else, that’s when the magic happens: your inner confidence gets a boost, and you ooze authenticity and genuineness.

People crave connection with you and your story. They want to buy from you because you offer them something they won’t find anywhere else.   

This is your scaling moment!

It’s like a small miracle, right?

After digging deep inside you and finding what makes you truly unique, you realize your brilliance and you feel ready to scale to those 6 figures.

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