Accounting Basics

6 things every business owner NEEDS to know when getting started

These are things that, even as an accountant, overwhelmed ME. I spent hours online trying to figure everything out and even paid for a consultation with a CPA to help me get it sorted.

I’d love to save you that time, energy, and money, and give you everything in just one hour.

My promise to you is that if you follow this lesson from start to finish. You will know how to:

  • register your business,
  • file your taxes,
  • and why this can save you over $18,000 per year in time and money.

How does that sound to you?

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This class is designed for someone who:

  • really wants to understand the accounting side of their business. 
  • is fed up trying to figure it out alone.
  • wants to be empowered to do their bookkeeping themselves.
  • would like to train someone in their company to take this part of their business over.
  • is terrified of the words “tax” or “audit”.
  • has NO clue where to start.

We will slowly break down the topic of accounting so that it’s simple and easy for anyone to understand

There is no accounting or bookkeeping background required.

This free MasterClass covers:

Led by Accountant and Entrepreneur

Morgan de Klerk

She started MDK Services providing bookkeeping to clients all around the world, working with multi-million dollar companies, building a 4.5 million dollar budget for a university in the States, helping clients go from $20k to $500k a year, and much more. 

She loves helping people break the chains of financial stress and become more empowered business owners.

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